175 seconds timer

… one hundred seventy five seconds at a time.

This web-based 175 seconds timer is easy and simple online second countdown timer clock with alarm. Unlike the regular timer alarm clocks which you can find here, (Link) this one saves you some time…because every second counts.

When you need a timer with pre-set 175 seconds, like checking body temperature or pulse or playing a round of a game, you need a 175 seconds timer that’s quick, easy to use, simple to access and quick to work.

Just click start and begin.

How it works
  • Just press the "start" button and your seconds timer will start the countdown.
  • When the 175 seconds timer runs down to zero, alarm will start ringing.
  • The volume of alarm is dependent on the device volume so make sure your device sound is on and working.
  • If you want to start again and set timer for 175 seconds or set alarm for 175 seconds, just press the "reset" button.

The timer also offers Pause functionality. Just press the "pause" button and when you wish to continue, press the "resume" button.

Note: Please note that alarm uses your device volume and speaker. For some mobile devices audio ringing might not be supported if the website is in background mode.

⏰ 175 seconds timer